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Outback Bowl 2012

Collins trip to the Outback Bowl in Tampa

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March 2011

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R.M. Moore Benefit for Collins held May 14, 2011

Pictures from the R.M. Moore Benefit for Collins held May 14, 2011

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5 comments on “Recent Photos

  1. Ada Rogers on said:

    Collins, Robin, Bob, and Family,
    Wow, what a beautiful webpage you have! It was wonderful for Sarah and I to get to see you throw out the pitch at the Cherokee baseball game on Friday night! What a testimony of God’s great power and love you are to so many–especially me. Your courage and strength is awesome to witness! We all miss you so much at R. M. Moore and continue to pray for you–my family, friends, and our church are all lifting you up in prayer because we know that God is in control and He is our Healer! He is with you and watching over you. We all must trust Him because only He knows what is best for us. Please let Sara know how much we loved the video that she created–it is incredible!!! You are just soooooo cute!!!! We love you, buddy! Take care and God bless!

  2. Skyler on said:

    Hi my name is Skyler and i was at the assembly at Cherokee High school. I really loved the speeches that where given. I wanted to say thanks for changing my life Collins. I am an anchor at my school’s TV program and i did a whole story on you and your family. Everyone was very amazed and was inspired by your story. Lots of kids k-6 all sent you letters last Friday.
    Thank you Collins

  3. Laura Chapman Dowey on said:

    Hi Collins! You have made me look at my chilren in a whole new light. I cherish them even more. No one person knows what the future holds you and your family have gave me a reality check. Thank you my young man You are my HERO praying for you daily and praying for your family too!

  4. brittney temple on said:

    hi, my name is brittney! i was in homeroom with collins for a week. when i saw everyone wearing shirts that say bend your knees for collins i was thinking who is collins and i was talkin to collins and it had just slipped out why r people wearing shirts that say bend your knees for collins and he told me, ” they r wearing them for me.” i felt really bad for asking but i am kinda glad i did or i wouldnt have known ur son collins! i just wanted to tell u that im so very sorry and that god calls everyone home for a reason his reason for collins was be cause he didnt like seeing him look down and just see him suffer through his childhood. but just remember that he is looking down at u watching u and helping u through any troubles.

    brittney temple!
    p.s. he is always here even when u dont think he is!!

  5. Nina DiFiore on said:

    Hi, my name is Nina. I’m a 14 yr. old girl living in South Florida. Today, my sister and I were visiting our grandmother in Miami, and we found a balloon. It had writing, so we read it. It was a heartfelt message from Sara to Collins. It was so moving, it made us cry. We just wanted to say that we’re sorry for your loss, and now Collins has touched our lives, as well. We thought you would be interested in knowing Sara’s balloon reached all the way from North Georgia to South Florida.
    We wish your family well……Nina and Gianna DiFiore

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