Collins’ Journey

By His Stripes I am Healed

Collins was called home to be with God January 14th, 2012. We are praising Jesus and so thankful that Collins passing was peaceful. Collins is now fully healed and restored. If we could see just a momentary glimpse of the amazing splendor and Glory of Heaven right now, we would be able to see Collins fully healed BY HIS STRIPES and the celebration that is happening right now is beyond anything we have ever seen or witnessed on earth. The lives that Collins has impacted and witnessed to and the dedications of souls for eternal salvation- total numbers of lives forever given to Jesus Christ is something we will never know…until the day that we are each called home…but we know that number is many and fully believing that by forever sharing Collins story and testimony of his UNWAVERING faith will continue to change lives…

The family is so thankful and grateful and humbly gives thanks to each and everyone of you who has BENDED YOUR KNEES FOR COLLINS…thanking this amazing community that continues to strengthen their faith that God’s plan is so much bigger and better than ours and that His sweet, sweet Collins is being praised, loved on and being thanked for being an amazing servant for our Lord.

Click on the Bend Your Knees page to leave a comment for the family.

Click here for information on the 3rd Annual Collins Dixon Bend Your Knees 5K and 1 mile walk, July 12th, 2014 @ First Baptist Church, Canton Georgia

Thank you and God Bless Collins!

Remembering Collins by Matt Pearl 11 Alive News


About Collins

Collins is a very athletic boy playing football and basketball. On February 10th he was at basketball practice and got an innocent hit in the head with a basketball, but he started complaining about a headache, no worries though. A week later he seem to start with a virus (headache and no energy) while we were on a family trip to the mountains. We returned from the mountains and took him to urgent care and it was confirmed a virus. He continued with “the virus” into the second week with no improvement. After a visit to the emergency room and 2 more visits to the doctor we were told to go to Childrens’ at Scottish Rite where a CT Scan showed a Brain Tumor in the center of his brain.


Healer Video

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